About Us

Sara Hartary - CEO/Founder

Value Creation services, tailored to your needs.

BizOps Solved is the brainchild of Sara Hartary, Fractional COO – Strategy Consultant – Certified Exit Planning Advisor. A former director of professional services and IT Chief of Staff, Sara has honed her methodology, which she and the team at BizOps Solved use to empower clients to make value creation part of organizational DNA. 

At BizOps Solved, we start with the business owner’s needs first then align enterprise strategy. As a certified implementation partner of Value Scout, we leverage technology and best practices to guide owners on the value creation journey.

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What Drives Us:

Too many owners first learn what their business is worth when trying to sell it, when it’s too late to increase the number.  For those facing Owner Burnout or Stalled Business Growth, taking action is even more urgent.

BizOps Solved’s mission:

  1. Educate owners about enterprise value creation and guide them successfully on the journey.
  2. Transform businesses AND put owners’ goals first.

At BizOps Solved we are uniquely positioned to help business owners Protect Business Value, Improve Performance, and Grow.

We know any successful strategy for change respects and leverages that the business and owner identities are intertwined.

Our value creation journey starts with protecting current value through business continuity planning and helping owners articulate their goals. Together we assess the state of the business today and make recommendations for “What’s Next” to increase enterprise value and make owners’ lives better.

The result is an authentic and meaningful experience that gets the job done. Talk to us today about your unique situation and how we can help you win.