Our Services


Each service BizOps Solved offers has been thoughtfully designed to deliver maximum value to a business owner. Together they are the roadmap for your value creation journey. 

Business Will™

The Business Will™ delivers on the first step of the value creation journey: Protect Current Value. Equal halves Business Continuity and Future Planning, it is specific to each owner, reducing the risks in operating your business.

Ops Health Check

The Ops Health Check is an expert, outside viewpoint of where you currently stand and highlights the actions necessary to work toward your goals. This clarity removes guesswork in allocating resources for upcoming projects.

Value Creation

This ongoing service is the all-in-one solution for answering What’s Next. It starts with determining current business value then working with you as the owner to achieve personal and financial goals on your desired timeline for growth.

Fractional COO Services

BizOps Solved recognizes that sometimes a company can’t reach its goals without additional bandwidth or skills. We offer “right-sized” support from highly qualified, senior resources capable of taking on C-suite level tasks.

Tailored Workshops

Strategic and operational planning, owner goal definition, personalized exit planning, and our overall operations candy workshop, are facilitated sessions that we offer to kickstart the journey of making companies more valuable and owners’ lives better.