Business Will™

Secure the future of your business for the people that rely on you. The Business Will™ not only protects your business if you get hit by the proverbial bus, it’s also the first step on the owner’s journey of deliberate value creation.

To preserve current business value, you must reduce risk. The Business Will™ captures in writing what it takes to keep the business running, including owner activities and responsibilities, a SWOT analysis, summary of key business metrics, and “in Case of Emergency: Break Glass” plan.

Beyond that, the Business Will™ takes you through the high-level thinking and planning necessary to win when it comes to selling or otherwise exiting your business. You’ll define what a successful ownership transition looks like for YOU and receive a preview of the work necessary to get there – both financially and personally.

To learn more about our Business Will™ reach out via email at [email protected], or get started right away by booking a call to get your own Business Will™.

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